Clients / ENELH

Yet another key project directly linked with the hot topic that is fire safety within high rise blocks.

2012 saw Sentry Doors link up with Leeds City Council and a major UK main contractor to undertake a large refurbishment programme on a number of high rise and low level blocks within the local authorities housing stock.

In total a number of 59 blocks were refurbished with Sentry Doors supplying replacement fire doors, doorsets, combination frames and screens to the entire project which included a full site measure for each individual unit.

Due to the bespoke nature of some of the necessary configurations, Sentry Doors worked closely with both the client and the main contractor by re-designing products to ensure they would perform in whatever scenario these ageing buildings would present.

As a result this saw Sentry Doors undertake additional fire testing on a specially designed FD30 combination doorset including sidelight and fanlight which we are confident may have set a precedence for this type of configuration by actually achieving a test result close to 46 minutes by a 30 minute unit.