A DoorSet is a fully engineered pre-assembled unit consisting of a; Frame, Door, pre-fitted Ironmongery and when required pre-glazed and fully decorated, complying with all current Building Regulations
– All in one package

  • Pre-assembled does not mean pre-designed
    with restricted options.


Sentrydoors have all the Skill & Expertise to fulfil your Doorset requirements


Main benefits to choosing Sentry Doors

  • Single source of supply
  • CNC machined components ensure precision, accuracy and consistency to ensure the units operational performance and functionality
  • Compliant with all current Building Regulations
  • Manufactured using procedures, which form part of our ISO 9001 quality management standard, ensure exacting standards of workmanship
  • Reductions in waste and its removal from site
  • DoorSets are fitted at second fix, when wet trades have been completed, reducing the risk of associated moisture ingress
  • On-site installation is quick and efficient, with minimum disruption.
  • Components are assembled and fitted by skilled and experienced staff


Firedoors and vision panels

Being one of the founder members of the BWF Certifire scheme, Sentry Doors are a fully approved and licensed converter of Fire Doors, thus ensuring that all doors and doorsets meet with the exacting standards of Certifire legislative requirements.

In addition to our standard range of vision panels we also offer bespoke designs which are available on request.

None Standard Vision Panels – The size of the glazed area, shape and position will govern and influence the fire performance of the door, if you require an alternative design please contact our technical team with your enquiry.